A Hunter's Moon CoverWe are pleased to welcome author Alan Osi to CrimeFiction.FM’s digital interview booth today.

Alan’s latest novel is the edge-of-your-seat thriller, Movement #1: A HUNTER’S MOON, (Cleveland Writers Press, December 31, 2015).

The first volume of The Moondust Sonatas takes readers on a wild ride through the underside of the city, the birth of a remarkable new drug, and an impending drug war— while raising provocative questions about spirituality and what we’re really craving.

We recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Alan to chat more about HUNTER’S MOON and The Moondust Sonatas series. Then we got into a discussion of the life experiences Alan brings to his work as an author.

Interview with Alan Osi

CFFM: Hi Alan, thanks for being here today.  Can you please us a little about A HUNTER’S MOON?

Alan: New on the streets of New York is a drug that lets you see god; but only the first time it’s taken. After that, it makes the user a passenger in the mind of another person, but only for a moment.

Some want to sell it, some want to study it. Some want to control it, some want to suppress it. And then there are those who want to tell the world about it…

When all these factions come face to face, battling over a substance that could rock society to it’s core, they set off a chain of events destined to shape the world to come.

CFFM:  Can you give us a one to two sentence summary of your book?

Alan Osi PhotoAlan: A drug that lets you see god; who will control it’s fate, or can it even be controlled? Percival, a Brooklyn DJ, caught in the middle of an escalating fight over control of the Moondust phenomenon, makes a desperate move to settle the matter once and for all.

How much of your own personal or professional experience did you include in the book?

Alan: As a writer, I find I’m both field and farmer, hoping to grow a story. It may sound silly, but it’s really true! Everything I’ve ever experienced is the soil, and it all comes into the novel directly or indirectly. I lived in Brooklyn for a moment, and used a lot of that experience in writing the book.

CFFM: What Hobbies do you have that might surprise your readers?

Alan: You wouldn’t think it to look at me perhaps, but I love to compose songs of the singer/songwriter genre.

CFFM: What’s the first crime story you remember reading and what was your reaction to that story?

Alan: Well it would have been one of Robert B. Parker’s Spencer series, although I couldn’t tell you which one. My mom was a big fan, and I loved the TV series as a kid, especially Hawk. I loved the books even more. I lived in a small-ish town in the greater Boston area, where the series is set, so they felt so real to me, like I could meet the characters on the street. Not that you’d want to.

As someone who loved the Spenser series as well, but who didn’t live anywhere near Boston, those stories helped to make the city real for me, but I completely agree, I wouldn’t have wanted to meet most of the characters on the street.  Now that Movement 1 in your Moondust Sonatas series has been published, what’s next?  

Alan: I’m working on Movement 2 of the Moondust Sonatas, and I love how it’s looking. We’re going to take a journey…

About the Author, Alan Osi

Alan Osi came to Cleveland from Arlington MA. The son of civil rights activists, Osi developed an eye for spotting social tension and crafting compelling essays through storytelling from an early age.

Osi brings vivid images and characters to life through the lens of the new Black American experience. His insights into what makes people tick, our yearnings to know the unknowable, keeps readers turning the pages, while missing their train stations, and bus stops.

A product of Morehouse College and American University in Washington DC, Osi has written for several papers and e-zines prior to signing a multi-book deal with Cleveland Writers Press for The Moondust Sonatas.


Author Website: http://www.alanosi.com

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