Thanksgiving Angeles by Alice Duncan Five Star, April 2015

Thanksgiving Angeles
by Alice Duncan
Five Star, April 2015

Author Alice Duncan joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss her new book, the fifth in her Mercy Allcutt mystery series, THANKSGIVING ANGELS

Show Notes

Alice explains her love of Los Angeles in the 1920 and the reason she uses it as the setting for this series.

Mercy Allcutt was the first woman in her extremely wealthy family to take a job and she takes great (and mistaken) pride in living on her salary.

Alice has written over fifty books, but she’s not entirely sure how many over fifty.

This book takes place in Pasadena, where Alice spent much of her life.

Alice prefers to write fun, uplifting fiction because that’s what she likes to read.

From the Publisher:

Alice Duncan

Former Boston Brahmin Mercy Allcutt moved to Los Angeles specifically to get away from her overbearing mother and father. So she’s upset when her boss, P.I. Ernie Templeton, gives her the entire week off at Thanksgiving, 1926, so that she can spend the holiday with her parents in their new winter home in Pasadena, California.



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