TSS049: From Manuscript to Novel: Comparing Indie and Traditional

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In this episode, we begin a two-part series comparing the publication processes for one traditionally published author (Taylor) with that of one indie published author (Steve.) Both processes start with the completion of a manuscript, but differences appear soon after the manuscript is finished. Our primary focus in part one of the series is the editing processes.

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TSS048: How and Why to Keep Your Butt in the Chair

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Our focus this week is on how writers can keep their butts in the chair and why it’s so important to do so. Of course, it’s not just the simple act of sitting down that we discuss, we also get into the motivation behind sitting down to write and the fears that can keep us from our writing chairs. We discuss ways to avoid kicking your own self in the butt and the value of holding yourself and your writer friends accountable.

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What’s Happening? Plus Four Seasons of Reno Hart, by Stephen Campbell

If you’re a regular listener to CrimeFiction.FM, you may have noticed that I’ve been missing from your podcast feed for the past several weeks. It turns out the show schedule I set for myself a year ago when I launched CrimeFiction.FM was just too ambitious.

The podcast launched in early April 2015, and in the first full year, I recorded, produced and released 110 episodes. Since I like to read the books before speaking with the authors, you can probably imagine the amount of time that took. Needless to say, my own work suffered, so I decided to take a break to focus on two projects that I’d been working on for far too long.

Four Seasons of Reno HartThe first is FOUR SEASONS OF RENO HART, a collection of short stories introducing Reno Hart, a Miami PI who’s working hard to rebuild her life after the loss of her husband. The second is RENO’S DEBT, a full-length novel featuring Reno.


When I began planning RENO’S DEBT I had a particular character type in mind for my protagonist. I envisioned a female version of Archie Goodwin, doing the leg work for a great detective.

As I wrote the novel, Reno’s character began to morph into something much different. She was tough and smart, but she cared far more about people and her clients than I’d expected. By the end, she was nothing like the character I’d sketched out at the start of the novel.

I needed to get to know her better, so I put her into different situations to learn how she’d react. What would she do when faced with problems that weren’t hers to solve? How far would she go to help a friend? How would she react when confronted with a client very much like her old self?

Steve - AuthorBy the end, I’d grown to love Reno Hart. She’s a complex character trying to atone for the mistakes of her past while rebuilding a new life from the ground up. She cares deeply about the people she helps and she’s learning to deal with the various shades of gray that life presents to all of us.

You can get to know Reno by picking up FOUR SEASONS OF RENO HART, which tracks Reno through the year before the start of RENO’S DEBT, which will be released this summer.Purchase FOUR SEASONS OF RENO HART at Amazon.

If you enjoy spending time with Reno, I’d really appreciate a review at Amazon. It makes such a huge to sales. One last thing, if you’re active on social media, shares and tweets are also helpful in spreading the word.

Thanks for all of your support over the past year, it means the world to me!


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TSS047: How to Survive Your First Writers Conference

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It’s Q & A week where Taylor tackles listener questions. This week’s inquiries include: Has she considered using any of the great cast of secondary characters she’s developed in a future book? How has feedback from her agent, editor, publisher, and readers influenced the direction of her Munroe series? And, what do authors need to know (and bring) to survive their first writer’s conference?

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TSS046: When is it Okay to Break the Rules of Writing?

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This week’s show focuses on “writing rules” and when authors should consider breaking them. Taylor explains how these rules have evolved to smooth out the reading process for those who consume our books. We discuss several examples of breaking those rules, both in her books and others.

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