Memphis Ribs, by Gerald Duff

Memphis Ribs Cover

Memphis Ribs by Gerald Duff Brash Books, May 2015

Author Gerald Duff joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss his book, the witty and richly evocative, MEMPHIS RIBS.

Show Notes

Gerald shares the back story of his two primary characters, J.W. Ragsdale and Tyrone Walker

Gerald quotes and often used phrase that helps to explain the setting for his book.  “Memphis is based on booze, blues and barbecue.”

A quick discussion of barbeque in general and what makes the Memphis variety so good.

Gerald has always been a big fan of dialogue in fiction. He explains his process for writing the kind of sharp dialog found in Memphis Ribs.

Gerald explains why his published books list is so broad.  As an example, his next book is about Custer’s Last Stand.  (You can find more info on the book at Gerald’s website – link below)

From the Publisher:

Gerald Duff Author PhotoIt’s May in Memphis, and four bloody murders occur on the eve of the International BBQ Contest and the Cotton Carnival: a conventioneer is stabbed at an ATM machine, a gang leader and his girlfriend are executed, and a wealthy local businessman is killed in his own home while his bodyguard is napping outside the door. It’s up to homicide detective J.W. Ragsdale to solve these seemingly unconnected crimes without scaring away the tourists who are arriving in droves. That’s not going to be easy. Ragsdale’s investigation pits him against a crack-dealing gang in the midst of a bloody drug war, a Memphis BBQ king struggling to hold on to his crumbling empire, a shotgun-wielding assassin, an East Coast mobster with a taste for BBQ and the blues, and the newly crowned Maid of Cotton, who will do anything to keep her tiara.


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Yellow Ribbon, by Mike Faricy

Yellow Ribbon by Mike Faricy Credit River, April 2015

Yellow Ribbon
by Mike Faricy
Credit River, April 2015

Author Mike Faricy joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss her new book, the 11th in his highly entertaining Dev Haskell Mystery series, YELLOW RIBBON.

Show Notes

Mike explains the wacky world of the Dev Haskell mystery series.

The Spot Bar plays a large role in the series, and it’s based on a real bar in Minneapolis where Mike held a book signing this week.

Mike shares the story behind Yellow Ribbon.  Hearing this laugh out loud funny story will give readers a great sense of the entire series.

Mike give us a preview of a new series he’s writing.  The new series is slated to launch this fall.

From the Publisher:


The city’s laziest Private Investigator, Dev Haskell, agrees to help out his friend Isabella and babysit her two young daughters. But he’s on the job for little more than an hour before he’s assaulted and the girls are kidnapped by Carlos O’Kelly, along with Dev’s Sig Sauer pistol and his car.

Apparently the world’s dumbest criminal, Carlos next knocks over a mob card game, using, of course, Dev’s gun and car. Which puts Dev in something of an awkward position with the local crime lord, Tubby Gustafson. Tubby gives him forty-eight hours to get the money back. And Isabella’s kind of missing her kids, no pressure or anything.

So here we have another of Mike Faricy’s wickedly entertaining mysteries, full of twists and turns with yet another set of wonderfully bizarre, madcap characters. For fans of humorous mysteries, PI stories of all stripes, and out-and-out zany writers, like Carl Hiassen, and Tim Dorsey, witty ones like Lawrence Block and Tony Dunbar, outrageous ones like Donald Westlake.


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The Debtor Class by Ivan G. Goldman

The Debtor Class by Ivan G. Goldman Permanent Press, May 2015

The Debtor Class
by Ivan G. Goldman
The Permanent Press, May 2015

New York Times bestselling author Ivan G. Goldman joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss his brilliant new book, THE DEBTOR CLASS.

Show Notes

Ivan shares his overview of THE DEBTOR CLASS

The book is centered around a collection agency, which sounds dreary but isn’t.  Ivan calls the collection agency business a “front row seat to the American opera.”

Ivan explains the reason for the blue skin color of the police officer on the cover.  Amazingly enough, this is a real thing and there are blue people out there.

Ivan enjoys writing about people under pressure, which he believes makes them more interesting.

Ivan is a great admirer of Joseph Heller, of Catch 22 fame.

From the Publisher:

Ivan G. GoldmanFresh from prison, young Bento stumbles into a job at a quirky collection agency, joining an unconventional crew that works out of a former warehouse where bats and pigeons roost in the rafters. Collectors scavenge among hammered victims of an economy that never seems to work for them. Debtors include patsies, cheats, liars, bewildered shopaholics, and furiously dedicated deadbeats. All bought the American dream but couldn’t pay the price.

“Bill collectors are like priests,” says a crew member. “You can tell me anything.”

Battered “schmoes” do just that, sharing secrets with collector-confessors who in some cases only recently exited the list of shame themselves.

A blue-skinned survivalist cop dreams of acceptance as he schemes to steal drug money; a young woman with a masters in library science waves to drivers from inside a chicken costume; a world-renowned author is picked clean by an ex-girlfriend; an Air Force navigator loses control as he transports corpses of the fallen back to the States; and lovers find each other at the other end of a collection call.

Meanwhile Bento struggles to elude a cell that’s awaited him all along. As their paths intersects, characters’ lives throb with humor, suspense, and the intensity that flows from human beings under relentless pressure.


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