Borderline, by Joseph Badal

Borderline by Joseph Badal Suspense Publishing, June 2015

by Joseph Badal
Suspense Publishing, June 2015

Award-winning author Joseph Badal joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss his new book, his first mystery following seven thrillers, BORDERLINE.

Show Notes

Joe has a successful history as a thriller writer. He explains why he decided to write a mystery and how the writing process was different for him with BORDERLINE.

Joe describes his two protagonists, female detectives Barbara Lassiter and Susan Martinez.

Writing female protagonists allowed Joe to broaden the emotional range of his characters beyond what he’s been able to do in past books.

Thrillerfest was last week, and Joe shares some thoughts and stories from the event.

Joe shares a wonderful Elmore Leonard story that took place at the beginning of his writing career.

From the Publisher:

badalauthorwebIn “Borderline,” Joseph Badal delivers his first mystery novel with the same punch and non-stop action found in his acclaimed thrillers.

Barbara Lassiter and Susan Martinez, two New Mexico homicide detectives, are assigned to investigate the murder of a wealthy Albuquerque socialite. They soon discover that the victim, a narcissistic borderline personality, played a lifetime game of destroying people’s lives. As a result, the list of suspects in her murder is extensive.

The detectives find themselves enmeshed in a helix of possible perpetrators with opportunity, means, and motive—and soon question giving their best efforts to solve the case the more they learn about the victim’s hideous past.

Their job gets tougher when the victim’s psychiatrist is murdered and DVDs turn up that show the doctor had serial sexual relationships with a large number of his female patients, including the murder victim. “Borderline” presents a fascinating cast of characters, including two heroic female detective-protagonists and a diabolical villain; a rollercoaster ride of suspense; and an ending that will surprise and shock the reader.


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Memphis Ribs, by Gerald Duff

Memphis Ribs Cover

Memphis Ribs by Gerald Duff Brash Books, May 2015

Author Gerald Duff joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss his book, the witty and richly evocative, MEMPHIS RIBS.

Show Notes

Gerald shares the back story of his two primary characters, J.W. Ragsdale and Tyrone Walker

Gerald quotes and often used phrase that helps to explain the setting for his book.  “Memphis is based on booze, blues and barbecue.”

A quick discussion of barbeque in general and what makes the Memphis variety so good.

Gerald has always been a big fan of dialogue in fiction. He explains his process for writing the kind of sharp dialog found in Memphis Ribs.

Gerald explains why his published books list is so broad.  As an example, his next book is about Custer’s Last Stand.  (You can find more info on the book at Gerald’s website – link below)

From the Publisher:

Gerald Duff Author PhotoIt’s May in Memphis, and four bloody murders occur on the eve of the International BBQ Contest and the Cotton Carnival: a conventioneer is stabbed at an ATM machine, a gang leader and his girlfriend are executed, and a wealthy local businessman is killed in his own home while his bodyguard is napping outside the door. It’s up to homicide detective J.W. Ragsdale to solve these seemingly unconnected crimes without scaring away the tourists who are arriving in droves. That’s not going to be easy. Ragsdale’s investigation pits him against a crack-dealing gang in the midst of a bloody drug war, a Memphis BBQ king struggling to hold on to his crumbling empire, a shotgun-wielding assassin, an East Coast mobster with a taste for BBQ and the blues, and the newly crowned Maid of Cotton, who will do anything to keep her tiara.


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Scent of Murder by James O. Born

Scent of Murder by James O. Born Published April 7, 2015

Scent of Murder
by James O. Born
Forge Books, April, 2015

James O. Born slides into the interview booth to discuss his new book, SCENT OF MURDER.

Show Notes:

James shares his new book, SCENT OF MURDER

James shares his initial experience with police dogs and his fascination with police canine units

Scent of Murder is both a police novel and a novel about dogs

James describes the different types of police dogs and how police officers and the dogs work together

Jim spent a day with Canine Jimi

Jim describes how he balances his desire to provide an accurate portrayal of police life, with the need to tell an engaging story.

 From the Publisher:

James and Canine JimiTwo years after being tossed from the detective bureau for using questionable tactics while catching a child molester, deputy Tim Hallett’s life is finally on track. Assigned to a special K-9 unit with the best partner in the world, a Belgian Malinois named Rocky, Hallett has finally learned to balance police work with his family life. But that all changes in the heat of a Florida sugarcane field.

While searching for a kidnapper, Rocky locks onto the scent of a predator unlike anyone has ever seen. Or have they? The more Hallett digs, the closer he comes to his old issues when the case that ended his career as a detective appears to be the key to a series of kidnappings.

When the trail turns to murder, Hallett risks everything to catch the killer, even if it means clearing the child molester who drove him to violence and ruined his career. Along the way, Hallett and his partners learn the true meaning of loyalty and courage as their canine companions take police work to a new level and show that instinct means more than training.

Scent of Murder is a gritty police thriller from veteran law enforcement agent and author James O. Born.


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