Eye for Revenge Pixie Publishing,  July 2015

Eye for Revenge
Pixie Publishing, July 2015

New York Times bestselling author Cheryl Bradshaw joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss her new romantic suspense novel, EYE FOR REVENGE.

Show Notes

Cheryl shares the story line for her new romantic suspense novel, EYE FOR REVENGE.

Cheryl also writes a mystery series featuring Sloan Monroe, which is a six novel (so far) PI series.

Writing a stand-alone novel, when you have a fan base anxiously awaiting the next book in a series can cause some anxious moments, but Cheryl’s readers have embraced EYE FOR REVENGE.

Cheryl shares Sloan Monroe’s background and explains why she became a private investigator.

From the Publisher:

Cheryl-Bradshaw-Author-PhotoSomething unusual is happening to Quinn Montgomery. Trapped inside her unconscious mind, the sound of her father’s soothing voice seeps through, and the past twenty-four hours comes flooding back. She wakes to find herself in the hospital.

Her childhood best friend Evie is dead. But not just dead, murdered, and Evie’s four-year-old son witnessed it all. Traumatized over what he saw, he’s not talking. And when Evie’s cold-blooded killer goes into hiding, Quinn isn’t only out for justice, she’s out for revenge.


Cheryl’s website www.cherylbradshaw.com

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