Right the Wrong by Diana Deverell Sorrel Press, March 2015

Author Diana Deverell joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss her new book, the second in her fascinating Nora Dockson Mystery series, RIGHT THE WRONG.

Show Notes

Diana shares the story behind her heroine, Nora Dockson, who became an attorney following her release from prison.

Nora’s work involved handling the appeals process for prisoners who may have been wrongfully convicted.

Nora’s time in RIGHT THE WRONG is spent on two cases that are based on actual events.

My attempt to pronounce the city in Denmark where Diana lives falls woefully short.

From the Publisher:

Diana Deverell

Released from an Oregon prison at age twenty-two, Nora Dockson put her bad-girl past behind her and got a law degree. Now, a lawyer with Spokane’s Legal Resource Center, she works only for clients who are already behind bars.

Nora’s fighting to free two men, each sentenced to life in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. She backtracks through their cases, searching for clues to the real killers.

But a key eyewitness, jailed as an accessory to one murder, claims she’s “blocking” critical crime scene memories. A prosecutor “doesn’t remember” to give Nora crucial information that might lead to her client’s exoneration. An interrogator “forgets” what he said to suspects after he turned the recorder off. Incompetent lab techs in two states misread, contaminate, and destroy forensic evidence.

A broken criminal justice system lets them tell their lies. To save an innocent man, Nora has to break the rules. She can’t let either wrongful conviction stand. Her mission is the exoneration of both clients.

Nora goes back to the women’s prison to question eyewitness Lisa Fiedler again. Lisa confessed that she held the older woman down while her male accomplice raped and then smothered the victim. Lisa’s testimony convicted a Legal Resource Center client.

Nora’s shaken by Lisa’s eerie inability to describe the crime in detail. Is it possible that Lisa has totally repressed memories and cannot recover them fifteen years after the murder? Nora combs through transcripts of suspect interviews. She pores over court decisions. She’s searching for the connection between criminal interrogation and repressed memories. Will she find the link in time to use it?

On a different track, Nora enlists a Portland journalist to put pressure on obstinate prosecutors and by-the-book judges. The journalist showcases Nora in stories that highlight the unfairness of her battle. He passes on a tip about slipshod crime lab practices that may relate to one of her cases.

She’s heading in a promising direction. Maybe there’s a way to untangle the web of deception trapping her clients.

Then, Nora’s past roars into her present. Suddenly, she’s facing a tougher challenge: Can she dodge the Devil this time?

Shocked, her friends step up—familiar faces to readers of Help Me Nora, the first book in this series. Nora’s cool and elegant colleague Channing Palmer shatters her ice queen image with blistering rage.

Channing’s angriest at Winnie Yates, Nora’s former cellmate. Winnie’s been out of prison only ninety days when she descends on Spokane and moves in with Nora. The ex-cellie is eager to make up for sixteen years in prison but her street smarts are rusty. Winnie doesn’t see disaster coming.

Winnie and Channing send an SOS to Nora’s lover, Washington State Trooper Lieutenant Kent Harper. The lawman is fighting for professional survival. Doing favors for a defense attorney is forbidden. To protect Nora, will Kent be forced to risk his future as a cop?

In this captivating legal thriller, a fiery young woman battles the inherent inhumanity of a criminal justice system where an innocent man fighting a wrongful conviction faces impossible odds in his struggle for exoneration.

Acclaimed for her novels of international suspense, Diana Deverell brings her skill at spinning a page-turning thriller to this complex and many-layered legal drama that stylishly blends the traditions of John Grisham and Lisa Scottoline.

Right the Wrong vividly depicts a woman with a street-fighter’s heart, full of hope and compassion, and yearning to find mercy.


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