savannah goneAuthor Doug Keeler joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss his new book, the first in his Ray Fountaine Mystery series, SAVANNAH GONE.

Show Notes

Doug shares the story of his protagonist, Ray Fontaine. Doug describes him as a former newspaper man turned tough guy private eye with a far out sense of humor.

Doug shares the storyline of Savannah Gone, where Ray is hired to find Marine Biologist Claire Robertson.

Doug says that Savannah Gone has been on the Amazon bestseller lists since it launched in April.

The city of Savannah serves as a secondary character in the book. We discuss the city and what makes it such a great setting for a series.

SAVANNAH GONE is Doug’s first novel. We discuss Doug’s writing process and what he’s working on now, which will be the second in the Ray Fontaine series.

From the Publisher:

679733Everyone in the state of Georgia believes expanding the Savannah Port is the single-most important economic development project in the entire state. Everyone except Marine Biologist Claire Robertson that is. When Claire goes missing, Private Investigator Ray Fontaine agrees to search for her. At first Ray thinks finding her will be an open and shut case.

But behind Savannah’s Gothic facade, everyone has a secret. As Ray begins to peel back the layers, he uncovers a growing list of suspects. To solve the case, Ray must put himself, and those he cares about, in mortal danger.


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