Hear My PleaseAuthor Diana Deverell joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss her new book, the third in her captivating Nora Dockson Mystery series, HEAR MY PLEA.

Show Notes

Diana gives us a quick biographical sketch of her protagonist, Nora Dockson.

We discuss the storyline for HEAR MY PLEA and what makes this book different from the first two books in the Nora series.

Diana has a short story being published in the January/February double issue of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. We discuss what she sees as the difference between writing novel length fiction and short stories.

Diana lives in a small (population around 500) village in Denmark. We discuss a recent community event where the residents celebrated the fall harvest moon.

From the Publisher:

Diana Deverell 006An ex-con, Nora Dockson has a soft spot for underdogs like her former cellmate. She got her law degree so she could rescue her ex-cellie and others treated unfairly by a flawed system.

So why has Wesley Mitchell jumped to the top of her potential client list? Mitchell’s no underdog. Man’s so well-connected, for years he evaded punishment for killing unarmed civilians. Only after the FBI and the Justice Department stepped in did a jury find him guilty of two cold-blooded murders. Mitchell deserves his 65-year prison sentence.

But what about that hint in the trial transcript—did the feds fight dirty to convict him?

She has to check it out. And confronts a challenge to all she believes.

Without preaching, Diana Deverell draws on the legal and political topics filling today’s headlines to create a compelling story. Peopled by indelibly-drawn characters, this series keeps you entertained while it raises disturbing questions about our justice system.


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Diana’s Website www.dianadeverell.com

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