LEAD ME INTO DANGER CoverAuthor Daniella Bernett joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss her debut novel, the first in her Emmeline Kirby and Gregory Longdon mystery series, LEAD ME INTO DANGER.

Show Notes

Daniella shares the backstory of the two protagonists her new series, Emmeline Kirby, a journalist, and jewel thief Gregory Longdon. The two are opposites, but they work together well as a unique sleuthing team.

LEAD ME INTO DANGER takes place in Venice and London and the settings are beautifully described. Daniella has traveled to both cities extensively and spent a good deal of time in and around the settings she chose.

The book combines elements of mystery and romantic suspense. We discuss the need for a romantic mystery category in the bookstores.

Daniella has published two books of poetry with a focus on romance and nature, which also influence her mysteries. We discuss the differences between writing fiction and poetry and the need for precisely chosen words in both.

We discuss the advice and support she received from her local chapter of Mystery Writers of America as well as from other writers, including some extremely accomplished authors.

Daniella shares the current status of the series, which has two more books under contract and she is currently at work on the forth book in the series.

From the Publisher:

Daniella Bernett, LEAD ME INTO DANGER authorA journalist, a jewel thief, and a Russian spy…when their paths cross, it’s murder.

Journalist Emmeline Kirby hasn’t laid eyes on her former lover Gregory Longdon, a jewel thief, in two years. But she literally tumbles into his arms, after she witnesses two men attempt to murder her friend and fellow journalist, Charles Latimer, in Venice.

When Charles is ultimately killed, Emmeline is determined to bring his murderer to justice. But as she and Gregory delve deeper, they become ensnared in a hunt for a Russian spy in the British Foreign Office, who has his sights set on keeping his identity a secret at all costs—as Charles found out too late.


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Author’s Website www.daniellabernett.com

The Mysterious Bookshop in Manhattan website (for signed copies)

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