Lie Catchers CoverAuthor and former LAPD Top Cop Paul Bishop joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss his new book, LIE CATCHERS.

Show Notes

Paul shares the story behind the two lead characters in LIE CATCHERS, Robbery-Homicide detective“Calamity” Jane Randall and Detective Ray Pagan.  One of his goals with this duo was to avoid the cliches that are so easy to slip into with two strong characters in a story.

Police procedural novels need a hook, and Paul has found an interesting one with this series, taking readers into an area of police work that is rarely explored.

Interrogation plays a significant role in this book. Paul has a deep history as an interrogator for the Los Angeles Police Department, and even now conducts interrogation seminars for law enforcement, military, and arson investigators.

Paul shares some thoughts on his 35 years with the Los Angeles Police Department, and the different ways he and his team used interrogation as a tool to convict criminals.

Paul and Mel Odom launched the Fight Card series a few years ago, with a desire to bring back a form of writing that they felt had disappeared from popular fiction.  The series currently stands at 45 novels and continues to grow.

From the Publisher:

Paul BishopWith her special abilities, top LAPD Robbery-Homicide detective “Calamity” Jane Randall thought she knew all about interrogation until she met detective Ray Pagan. Wielding a suspect’s vocal intonations, emotions, and physical gestures like a scalpel, Pagan’s empathetic lie catching abilities are legendary.

Both detectives are scarred by past tragedies, but when paired together, they threaten to tear the city apart searching for a duo of missing children – a search where the right answer to the wrong question can mean sudden death.

Ripped from the experiences of thirty-five year veteran LAPD detective and nationally recognized interrogator, Paul Bishop, Lie Catchers takes the reader inside the dark and dangerous mind games of the men and women for whom truth is an obsession.


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