Lucky Flash by Deborah Coonts September, 2015

Published September 2015

Bestselling author Deborah Coonts joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss her new book, the latest in her Lucky O’Toole mystery series, LUCKY FLASH.

Show Notes

Deb explains how her first published series came to be set in Las Vegas.

Series protagonist, Lucky O’Toole works as the chief problem solver for the Babylon Hotel, a mega-resort casino hotel in Las Vegas.

Lucky’s best friend Flash, plays a significant role in LUCKY FLASH. It’s the first time Deb has used anyone but Lucky as a first person point of view character in the series.  Chapters alternate between the points of view of Lucky and Flash.

Deb loves to travel, which makes her writing schedule interesting. We discuss her writing habits and the story behind where the different parts of LUCKY FLASH were written.

From the Publisher:

Deb-in-a-barLucky O’Toole, Vice President of Customer Relations at the Babylon Resort, one of the premier properties on the Vegas Strip, is back. This time she wises-up and sends her down-and-dirty best friend, investigative report “Flash” Gordon on the trail of Johnny Pismo. Pismo, a washed-up-never-been singer shows up at the Babylon singing a song about a ring of thieves stealing Vegas’ music memorabilia. They replace each piece of Vegas’s music history with a fake, selling the originals on the black market. Pismo even claims to have the prize piece in Lucky’s father’s collection—a large diamond ring given to the Big Boss by Liberace himself.

Lucky is shocked to learn he’s telling the truth.

Teddie, Lucky’s former lover, offers a few choice pieces of his memorabilia collection as bait. Of course, Lucky must join the chase to protect Teddie’s treasures.

But can she protect her heart from him in the process?


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