Muddy Mouth CoverAuthor and artist C.A. Newsome joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss the fifth book in her Lia Anderson Dog Park Mysteries, MUDDY MOUTH.

Show Notes

We discuss Lia Anderson, the protagonist in Carol’s series, and the group of friends she’s met through the dog park.

This is an indie mystery, in which the story takes place in the indie mystery world. Indie author Lucas Cross disappears from a mystery conference in Austin, Texas, the group of women who manage his career hire Lia to find the missing author.

Starving Artist Cookbook CoverWe discuss the nature of Lia’s unique diet and whether or not Carol shares that diet. Carol has written a free cookbook for Lia fans, called THE STARVING ARTIST COOKBOOK, which is available for download. The cookbook features recipes that are fast, healthy and inexpensive with an emphasis on raw foods.

Carol’s dog Chewy joins us for a few seconds at around the 12:25 mark of the interview. You’ll find pictures of Chewy on the CANewsome website

Carol describes the “several things” she combined to create the story line for Muddy Mouth.

We spend some time talking about the craft of writing and some of what Carol has learned about writing novels over the past few years.

From the Publisher:

Newsome-GypsyNorthside’s Fourth of July parade is famous, and this year the dog park gang is training their fur-babies to participate while Lia builds a float promoting local best-selling author Lucas Cross.

When Lucas disappears at a book convention, the entire world is watching. Then attacks occur against the ladies of Fiber and Snark, the cat-rescuing knitting club that manages his career. Lia is the only one they can trust to discover the truth while protecting their secrets.

It’s the dog park gang to the rescue. But can Lia maintain her deepening relationship with Peter when she’s hiding something so important from him?


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