Vortex, by Paul D. Marks September, 2015

Vortex, by Paul D. Marks
September 2015

Shamus Award-winning author Paul D. Marks joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss his latest, a noir thriller titled VORTEX.

Show Notes

Paul shares his definition of noir in fiction.

Paul has worked in the film business and offers the movie Double Indemnity as an excellent example of a classic noir film.

We discuss the storyline of VORTEX.

Much of Paul’s writing features the city of Los Angeles, where he’s lived for most of his life. He explains why he enjoys featuring the city in his stories.

Paul has worked as a Script Doctor, polishing the scripts of others, and he writes his first drafts as a screenplay.

Paul shares the story of winning his Shamus Award for WHITE HEAT.

If you’re in Los Angeles on September 2nd, Paul will be one of several authors features at Noir Slam.

From the Publisher:

Paul D. MarksVortex is a mystery thriller about an Afghanistan war vet returning to his hometown of Los Angeles only to find he faces more danger at home than he did in the war.

Zach Tanner is on the run. He can run from the war, but he can’t run from himself.

Zach and his girlfriend, Jess, careen down Sunset Boulevard, trying to get away from a red Camaro that’s hot on their tale. But it’s hard to get away from your best friends, who think you’ve stolen their spoils of war.


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Paul’s  website www.pauldmarks.com

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