THE RED BRICK CELLARS COVERIt’s always a pleasure to shine the CrimeFiction.FM spotlight on debut authors with interesting books, and that’s exactly what we’re doing today with R.W. Wallace and her atmospheric mystery, THE RED BRICK CELLARS.

The story, the first of her Tolosa Mystery series, takes place in Toulouse, France and brings readers deep into the heart of the city where two unlikely sleuths team up to solve the murder of a beloved politician.

Show Notes from R.W. Wallace Interview

R.W. Wallace, a.k.a. Ranveig, tells us about her hometown of Toulouse, France, which is the setting for THE RED BRICK CELLARS. It’s the fourth largest city in France, the home of a large student population and is within reasonable driving distance of the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pyrenees mountains.

Ranveig is Norwegian, has lived much of her life in France and chose to write her book in English. We discuss why she made that decision and some of the challenges it presented. She says that whenever she thinks about books, her mind automatically switches to English.

We discuss the writing process for the book, which is Ranveig’s first novel. She took some online writing classes from David Farland, which helped her to overcome some of the story-related problems she’d encountered with earlier manuscripts.

Becoming a published author requires much more than just writing a good book. You need to build an author platform. Ranveig is an active user of the internet, but more as a reader than as an active participant.  We discuss what it’s been like to be put her thoughts and her work in public.

From the Publisher:

R.W. WallaceA murdered mayor. A second body reduced to skeleton and dust. The public display so horrific that the police are baffled.

Everyone assumes uninterested heir Louis Saint-Blancat will finally settle down and focus on the politics of Toulouse, France. Louis becomes the center of attention in the press while his mother and sister pressure him to follow the family’s political tradition when all he wants is to track down his father’s killer, then return to his globe-trotting lifestyle.

Determined to ferret out the story behind the perplexing assassination that took place at the very center of Toulouse to advance her career, struggling English journalist Catherine Marty finds an unlikely ally in Louis.

Will the two sleuths discover what is lurking beneath the apparent congeniality of la Ville Rose?


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