Tie Died by Tim Hall Cozy Cat Press, May 2015

Tie Died
by Tim Hall
Cozy Cat Press, May 2015

Tim Hall joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss the second book in his Bert Shambles Mystery series, TIE DIED.

Show Notes

Tim Describes his series protagonist, Bert Shambles.

A brief car guy discussion of the classic car that Burt drives in the series.

DEAD STOCK, the first book in Tim’s series, was taught in a crime fiction book at a college by a professor who admired Tim’s work.

Tim explains why he chose such a non-traditional lead for his new adult cozy series.

From the Publisher

11017502_1539388143011514_5893495106776070359_nBert Shambles is still recovering from the injuries he sustained in his first adventure when he is recognized at the local library by a lovely hippie named Scarlet. She hires Bert to help dispose of her deceased father’s memorabilia and takes him to a music festival at a local park, where they witness the tragic electrocution of the lead singer, who is an old friend of Scarlet’s. Bert soon finds himself entangled in a plot to steal a rare guitar, accidentally drugged with a powerful psychedelic, and dumped by his girlfriend and soul mate, Aria–until a second rock musician is found dead, and the clues all point to him as the prime suspect.


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