The Devil's Share by Wallace Stroby Minatour Books, July 2015

The Devil’s Share
by Wallace Stroby
Minotaur Books, July 2015

Author Wallace Stroby joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss his new book, the fourth in his gritty Crissa Stone series, THE DEVIL’S SHARE.

Show Notes

Wallace shares his experience as a newspaper man, including 13 years as an editor of the Star-Ledger of Newark.

One of the joys of writing crime fiction from the perspective of the criminal is that the writer gets to plan crimes.  Wallace shares one particular challenge he had to deal with in planning the crime in THE DEVIL’S SHARE.

Wallace shares some background on his protagonist, professional criminal Crissa Stone.

We discuss the story line of THE DEVILS SHARE, which Wallace describes as more of a heist novel than the first three in the series.

Wallace shares his thoughts on why so many great crime writers have come out of the newspaper business.

From the Publisher:

Wallace StrobyIt’s been a year since professional thief Crissa Stone last pulled a job, and she’s spent that time under the radar, very carefully not drawing attention to herself. That kind of life is safe, but it’s boring, and it’s lonely, and it’s not very lucrative.

So when Crissa starts to get antsy–and low on funds–she agrees to act as a thief-for-hire, partnering with a wealthy art collector to steal a truckload of plundered Iraqi artifacts before they’re repatriated to their native country. But what’s supposed to be a “give-up” robbery with few complications quickly turns deadly.

Soon Crissa is on the run again, with both an ex-military hit squad and her own partners-in-crime in pursuit. And what should be the easiest job of her career–robbing a man who wants to be robbed–might just turn out to be the most dangerous.


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