Storme Warning by W.L. Ripley Brash Books, Feb 2015

Storme Warning
by W.L. Ripley
Brash Books, Feb 2015

W.L. Ripley joins us in this episode to discuss STORME WARNING, the fourth book in his acclaimed Wyatt Storme series.

Show Notes

Wyatt Storme is a reclusive ex-NFL football player with a deadly best friend, Chick Easton.

STORME WARNING is the 4th Wyatt Storme book and the first three, all originally released in hardcover, will be re-released in digital formats in 3-month increments beginning in May.  This will lead up to the 5th in the series, scheduled for release early next year.

W.L. Ripley

W.L. Ripley

W.L. Ripley (Rip) also writes the Cole Springer series.

Rip describes Wyatt’s buddy Chick Easton as a “punctuation mark with legs.”

Rip worked in education for 37 years and now has significantly more time for writing.

A brief discussion of some of Rip’s favorite crime fiction authors.

From the Publisher

Vietnam vet and former Dallas Cowboys player Wyatt Storme just wants to be left alone in his remote Ozarks cabin – but violence and trouble have a knack for finding him. And when it does, he doesn’t back down. This time, Chick Easton, a hard-drinking, shockingly lethal ex-CIA agent, asks his buddy Storme for back-up when he’s hired by the director of a big budget western to protect a bad-boy movie star who is getting well-deserved death threats. There’s also an annoying catch: the director wants to shoot the star’s new western on Storme’s land.  Storme reluctantly agrees to it all, unaware that a sociopathic mob enforcer that he once put in traction, and in prison, is on his way and gunning for revenge.



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