Nightlife: A Devilish Slumber, by Shereen Vedam

Midnight, Wednesday, April 8, 1813, London, England

A SCREAM RIPPLED across the misty, dockside air.

Sir Phillip Jones’s pulse lurched at that mournful cry. Gripping his walking stick, he raced down the hilly road of the deserted warehouse district in Wapping. A second muffled scream rang out and was then abruptly cut off. No longer concerned about keeping his movements covert, he ran toward those terrified shrieks. Rounding a corner, he tore past a man staring toward where the screams had come from.

Imbécile,” the large man grumbled from behind him.

A Devilish Slumber 600Phillip was ten feet away before it registered that the man had sworn in French. By then, the woman who ran out of a warehouse gripping a bloody dagger had captured his focus. For a split second, her face was clearly highlighted by a stray shaft of moonlight piercing the mist. He stumbled to a halt, his chest heaving for air as stunned recognition sank in.


The lady started and swung toward him. Had he spoken aloud? Pulling her hood up, she then sprinted off into the night.

Phillip instantly gave chase, but when he reached the open warehouse door through which she had fled, he pulled back. If that had been his Rose, he knew where she lived.

Rapidly retreating footsteps behind him suggested the irate Frenchman, probably a sailor, was also prudently withdrawing from this possible crime scene.

Inside the warehouse, despite the wide open door, it was pitch black, but that coppery scent of fresh spilled blood was unmistakable in the chilly sea air. Instead of blindly stepping in, Phillip pulled out his candle and circular silver tinderbox from his pocket. He had not survived the dangers of being an intelligence officer for the past five years by acting foolishly during a crisis.

Shereen Vedam

Shereen Vedam

He methodically placed the candle’s wick end into the hole on the lid and struck the flint until the candle lit. Then, with flickering candle attached to the tinderbox’s socket, he cautiously proceeded inside, his walking stick, with a sword hidden inside, raised to act as a club. If someone lurked within this warehouse, he would need blunt force, not blade finesse.

The warehouse was empty except for the victim who was slumped on the grimy floor, blood pooling at her side. Her throat had been slit. Her eyes were wide open as if in shock. He lowered his weapon, placed his candleholder on the ground, and knelt to check for signs of life. Her arm was limp and there was no pulse at the wrist, and not even a hint of a breath. Her skin was still warm, but her spirit had been effectively extinguished.

With a defeated sigh, he searched her reticule and found calling cards which confirmed her identity. This was indeed Mrs. Beaumont, the woman he had come to meet tonight. Not many from this riverside section of London could afford the luxury of calling cards. Her gown was serviceable, but not of high fashion. He strode restlessly around the empty warehouse, kicking aside empty crates and litter, poking at the walls in search of a hidden door, anything to prove that Rose was unlikely to be the culprit of this crime. (more…)

Deviance, by J.F. Penn

Deviance July 2015

July 2015

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author J.F. Penn joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss her new book, the third in her excellent London Psychic Mystery Trilogy, DEVIANCE.

Show Notes

Joanna shares the story of Jami Brooke and Blake Daniel, the two protagonists in the London Psychic Trilogy.


One of the themes Joanna explores in DEVIANCE is tattoos. She’s done extensive research on the history of body modification and shares some thoughts on why it’s so popular today.

Joanna shares the genesis for the story she tells with DEVIANCE.

We discuss Joanna’s Arkane series, a set of globetrotting adventure thrillers.

From the Publisher:

J.F. Penn

J.F. Penn

LONDON. When the body of a priest is found in the ruins of Winchester Palace, his tattooed arms flayed, his mouth stuffed with feathers, the artists and outcasts of Southwark huddle in fear.

Private investigator Jamie Brooke begins the hunt for the murderer aided by Blake Daniel, a psychic researcher, who is haunted by visions of the past.

As violence erupts, leaving a trail of bodies in its wake, Jamie and Blake must find the skin collector before those they love are taken down in the chaos.

A crime thriller with an edge of the supernatural, Deviance is the story of a struggle for power and a fight for freedom against the backdrop of modern-day London.


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Jinxed, by Kathryn Leigh Scott

Jinxed by Kathryn Leigh Scott Cumberland Press, Jan 2015

by Kathryn Leigh Scott
Cumberland Press, Jan 2015

Actor and author Kathryn Leigh Scott joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss her new book, the second in her Jinx Fogarty Mystery series, JINXED.

Show Notes

Kathryn shares the story of her heroine, Meg Barnes.

As a working actress, Kathryn brings a behind the scenes authenticity to her description of life as an actor in Hollywood.

We discuss Kathryn’s long career in Dark Shadows and some of other work including, Agents of Shield, Magnum PI, Police Squad, Star Trek-The Next Generation, Phillip Marlowe Private Eye, and The Great Gatsby.

Kathryn discusses some of her non-fiction writing, which includes The Bunny Years: The Surprising Inside Story of the Playboy Clubs: The Women Who Worked as Bunnies, and Where They Are Now.

From the Publisher:

Katheryn Leigh ScottBack on the comeback trail, actress Meg Barnes, beloved for her role as amateur sleuth Jinx Fogarty in a renowned detective show, assumes she’ll star as Jinx in the revamped TV series, only to discover that a young ingénue has been cast instead.

Meg swallows her pride for a paycheck to coach Chelsea Horne—until temperamental Chelsea goes missing before filming begins. Meg ignores the warnings from Jack, her FBI-agent boyfriend, not to do her “Jinx thing.” But when Jinx’s iconic top hat goes missing and someone from her past is murdered, it’s clear Meg’s life—and more—is in jeopardy.


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The Cause, by Roderick Vincent

The Cause Roderick Vincent Rondfire Books, Nov 2014

The Cause
Roderick Vincent
Roundfire Books, Nov 2014

Roderick (Rick) Vincent joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss his new book, the first in his Minutemen series, THE CAUSE.

Show Notes

Rick’s goal was a fast paced thriller with a literary slant.

The novel deals with modern themes and is set in the not too distant future of 2022.

Rick believes the themes of the novel have a “Homeland” feel to them.

Rick went to college in California, grew up in the Marshall Islands and is living in Switzerland.  This gives a unique perspective to his writing.

Rick is also a classical guitarist, and he explains how that helps with his writing.

From the Publisher:

Roderick Vincent

The second American Revolution will be a fire lit from an internal spark.

The year is 2022.

America is on the verge of economic and social collapse. The U.S. government has made individual freedom its enemy. African American hacker Isse Corvus enters a black-ops training camp. Hyper-intelligent, bold, and ambitious, Corvus discovers the leaders are revolutionaries seeking to return the U.S. back to its Constitutional roots.

Soon the camp fractures. Who is a traitor? Who is a patriot? With no place to hide, Corvus learns that if he doesn’t join “The Cause” and help them hack the NSA’s servers, it could mean his life. If he joins, he becomes part of a conspiracy to overthrow America’s financial elite and uncover NSA secrets.


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