Deviance July 2015

July 2015

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author J.F. Penn joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss her new book, the third in her excellent London Psychic Mystery Trilogy, DEVIANCE.

Show Notes

Joanna shares the story of Jami Brooke and Blake Daniel, the two protagonists in the London Psychic Trilogy.


One of the themes Joanna explores in DEVIANCE is tattoos. She’s done extensive research on the history of body modification and shares some thoughts on why it’s so popular today.

Joanna shares the genesis for the story she tells with DEVIANCE.

We discuss Joanna’s Arkane series, a set of globetrotting adventure thrillers.

From the Publisher:

J.F. Penn

J.F. Penn

LONDON. When the body of a priest is found in the ruins of Winchester Palace, his tattooed arms flayed, his mouth stuffed with feathers, the artists and outcasts of Southwark huddle in fear.

Private investigator Jamie Brooke begins the hunt for the murderer aided by Blake Daniel, a psychic researcher, who is haunted by visions of the past.

As violence erupts, leaving a trail of bodies in its wake, Jamie and Blake must find the skin collector before those they love are taken down in the chaos.

A crime thriller with an edge of the supernatural, Deviance is the story of a struggle for power and a fight for freedom against the backdrop of modern-day London.


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