Out of the Blues CoverDebut author Trudy Nan Boyce joins us in this episode of CrimeFiction.FM to discuss her first book, which introduces Atlanta Detective Sarah Alt, OUT OF THE BLUES.

Show Notes for Trudy Nan Boyce Interview

Trudy Nan Boyce spent more-than-thirty-year as a police officer for the city of Atlanta, serving as a beat cop, homicide detective, senior hostage negotiator, and lieutenant. We discuss some of the ways in which Trudy brings that experience to her writing.

We discuss, Sarah (Salt) Alt, the protagonist in the new series. Sarah, who’s father was also a police officer, is a newly minted detective who is a cold case where the victim was a blues musician. We spend some time discussing Trudy’s love of blues music and the inspiration for the victim in this story.

We discuss some of the ways in which Trudy learned more about her hometown of Atlanta by doing the research for the Salt series.

Trudy became interested in writing during a particularly challenging point in her life and used writing as both a creative output and as a way of honoring a deceased friend.

From the Publisher:

Trudy Nan BoyceFrom an author with more than thirty years’ experience in the Atlanta Police Department comes a riveting procedural debut introducing an unforgettable heroine.

On her first day as a newly minted homicide detective, Sarah “Salt” Alt is given the cold-case murder of a blues musician whose death was originally ruled an accidental drug overdose. Now new evidence has come to light that he may have been given a hot dose intentionally. And this evidence comes from a convicted felon hoping to trade his knowledge for shortened prison time . . . a man who Salt herself put behind bars.

In a search that will take her into the depths of Atlanta’s buried wounds—among the city’s homeless, its politically powerful churches, commerce and industry, and the police department itself—Salt probes her way toward the truth in a case that has more at stake than she ever could have imagined. At once a vivid procedural and a penetrating examination of what it means to be cop, Out of the Blues is a remarkable crime debut.


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